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Not sure where to start or unhappy with the results from your current efforts? I can help. My three-phase approach begins with an audit of your current activity and an exploration of competitors and industry leaders. Next, we'll align on your core business goals and I will deliver a strategy that ties all social activity to these goals. Finally, it's time to put the strategy to work. I will oversee the implementation by leading team training sessions, sourcing and on-boarding vendors and embedding myself in the day-to-day until you and your team are ready to fly away on your own.

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Need help setting up a Facebook ad campaign? Need another brain in a brainstorm? Have a big event coming up and need an extra hand with on-the-ground social coverage? One of my favorite parts of freelance life is the steady rotation of talented people I get to work with from project to project. So, let's work together! 

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Looking to refresh your social strategy knowledge base? I'm happy to put together a custom training session for you and your team. Popular training sessions include: Paid Social 101, Community Management 101, Twitter 101 (for Executives) and Social Creative Best Practices.